Your consultation with Our Cosmetic Nurse or Dr will develop an individualised treatment plan for you, depending on your aesthetic needs, degree of volume loss, beauty plan & goals. The following treatment menu is guide for you. Each client will require different dosages of anti wrinkle treatments depending on the strength of your muscle & facial expressions. As each client will also require a unique beauty plan for dermal fillers depending on volume depletion, goals for definition & aesthetic needs. 

Anti Wrinkle Treatments 

Product A Allergan

Product B Galderma

Dermal Fillers

Depending on the area being treated your Cosmetic Nurse or Dr  will select a certain filler for this area. Due to advertising brand's In Australia we can not publish brands like USA can, however we can speak about this in our consult freely & write down your treatment & beauty plan specialised to your needs.

As a guide Filler prices start at $400 for light hydrating filler & go to $650 for thickest Volume lasting approx 18th-2 years. 

$12  per unit

$4   per unit

Collagen Induction Therapy/ Microneedling / Dermapen 

Full Face


Chest / Decolletage

Package 4

Package 6

Eye Region Single

Lip Region Single

Cheeks / Midface

Package 4

Package 6

Stretch Marks & Scars quoted according to treatment area / size

Clinical Skin Needling / Dermapen with PRP

Full Face

Package 4

Eye Region

Lip Region

Mid Face

Package 4


Chest / Decolletage

Full Face, Neck & decolletage 

Pure PRP  

1 Vial                                                       

2 Vials                                                       

3 Vials      packages available                                              

Eye's  Only                                       

Neck Only                                                

Full Face                                                   


Hair Rejuvenation  

Vaginal Rejuvenation

G Spot Treatment

Abdominal Laxity or Stretch Marks                    


Permanent Reduction of Double Chin Treatment

1 Treatment with 2 Vials                        

2 Treatment Pack with 2 Vials             

Additional Vial's quoted if required                                       


PRP Facial

PRP Infusion, Microneedling Full Face, Peptide Facial & Cooling Mask, Vitamin Infusion Massage. 

PRP Facial  Packages available (treatment 4 weeks part)

PRP Just Eye's Glow

PRP For Just the Eye;s / Orbital Region  

Special Autumn Promo $350 

Package of 3 for $1000 (Treatment 4-6 weeks apart) 

Cheeky Package 

Purchase a treatment of 2 ml Dermal Filler Treatment & Receive $100 off the treatment. *conditions apply