Men & the growing Bro -tox trend

Bro -Tox, the growing trend. I am often asked about Male Treatments & how many men I treat, the answer is over the past 6 months my male patient clientele has exploded, more & more increasingly I have been reviewing male faces & giving men first time consultations with full facial assessments & developing treatment plans to suit their individual aesthetic needs.

Both heterosexual & homosexual males feel quite comfortable in my clinic. I can always tell when they are first timers, they look nervous in the waiting room & then when I start explaining treatments & telling them that I have a large male clientele they feel instantly relieved. Like it's a relief for them to know, as they thought they were the only male in Australia to have treatment before I told them that.

It is not as stereotypical as you may think. I treat lawyers, landscapers, builders, surfers, real estate officers, hairdressers, make up artists, pilots, divers, business owners, stay at home Dad's, chef's & teachers just to name a few.

Most common concerns I see in men are Frown lines, forehead lines & crows feet rhytides for anti wrinkle injections. Males tend to not get the depressor muscle of the corners of the mouth until well after women start showing changes in this area. Men also have a few advantages over women in the collagen production & strength of elasticity in the skin compared with women, as they have had years of facial hair activity that induces its on collagen induction natural response in tightening the skin. This is why some men seem to age better than us women. However men generally are exposed to greater lifestyle risk factors that speed up the ageing process & the biggest one would be UV damage. As a majority men work outdoors & are exposed the the UV rays a lot more. This is where I love to educate on the protection of your skin & recommend a very good medical grade SPF to prevent further pigment production, wrinkles & damage to the dermis.

Men also like to feel masculine, just like some women like to feel more feminine. A popular treatment that I have seen increase is dermal filler in the jaw line to add more sharpness to this area, giving men a wonderful lowerface contour & angled masculine jaw. I also love to see the difference after male cheek filler. Treating a male aesthetically is totally different to female & we respect the anatomical differences & symmetry of the male face. I do not intent on making a male face look feminine, as I would not treat a female in the same technique as a male. One thing I will say is, I love seeing the look on my male patients face when they look in the mirror & see the results of these wonderful treatments, they are always so thankful & appreciative. It is a major confidence boost & gives a natural looking lower face feature. As of recently the dissolving of double chin fat injections have been on high demand in the male population also. This treatment involves injections that dissolve the chin fat permanently. Depending on the degree of submittal fat in the area, most patients need 2-4 treatments (6 - 8 weeks apart). This treatment changes the whole contour of the lower face & for so many men gives them their jawline that they didn't realise they had. It's a wonderful result to see this lower half of the face chiseled.

Given the fact that a lot of males are exposed to UV damage, we are also seeing the Microneedling treatment become quite popular for males. This treatment involves a collagen induction therapy that targets, fine lines & wrinkles, tightening lax skin, (for men mostly around eye region), reducing pigment & treating large pores. Men that work outdoors need a microdermabrasion to turn over the skin cells, they are also exposed to more heavy pollutants at times & need an adequate cleanser to bring their skin back to neutral. Quite often men are using the wrong cleansers as they have never really felt comfortable to stand in a clinic & ask for advice. Just like anti wrinkle & dermal fillers, we are also seeing more & more men come in & request advice on the right choices in skincare. I believe that more & more men now are realising that it is ok to look after your skin & protect your skin from further damage. After having skin treatments you feel more confident. And a lot of young fathers also tell me, they now feel younger & refreshed after treatments, as when those babies came along, so did more wrinkles & greys.

If you are nervous about treatment feel free to email or send me a message, even if you just come in for a facial assessment & analysis of your skin, we can chat about different treatment options. And honestly don't be afraid "everybody is doing it".

Kellee Thomson