Internal Health & Wellness

So how does Internal Health affect my Skin & complexion you ask? Quite simply, most ailments in our body can be linked back to gut health. Problematic skin conditions that are not responding to treatments, can often be addressed with an improvement in nutrition, digestion & internal health through changing your lifestyle habits to provide your largest organ with the best nutritional platform... Health. Like I've said before, one things will lead to the next & a domino effect with take place when you take a close look at what your daily eating habits are made of.

I've shared pieces before speaking about the poison sugar & its effects it has on the ageing process, much the same bad nutrition & the wrong type of foods for your body can lead to & contribute to troublesome skin conditions & hormonal effects in the skin.

Gut health will start the building blocks for your change in lifestyle. Nutrient rich foods can allow for your body to absorb proper vitamins, minerals & antioxidants that it needs to remain healthy. Poor nutrition will steal & absorb the goodness from your gut, leaving your body deprived of what it really needs & desires. Take hydration as a simple example, how quickly in your skin can you see the effects of not drinking enough water throughout the day, your skin becomes dry & wrinkles appear more obvious.

I am very passionate about teaching my patients about nutrition & gut health to provide your body with a wealth of good bacteria to support enhanced results in skin conditions, I also can see an evident change in my patients along the way that have made big changes to their nutrition & had improvements in acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis & alopecia. Give your body the fuel it deserves. Respect & treat your gut well. Allow for a healthy balance in your diet & your immune system will guard you, your skin will improve & your skin treatments will be enhanced. Prior to PRP my patients are restricted to only eating healthy food, they are guided in the right direction & poly unsaturated fats are the biggest "NO NO". The science proves that for quality & rich plasma we need you to be healthy. Whilst I love PRP & dermal fillers, anti wrinkle injections, Collagen Induction & Laser... I know that when your flood your body with goodness you are going to have an enhanced result.

For more support on health & nutrition & probiotic, fermented food options, keep following my pieces for more recipes to come.

Hope you were inspired in this piece to take your health to the next level to see your skin improve.

Kellee Thomson. Registered Cosmetic Nurse