PRP... liquid Gold

PRP is what we are labelling like liquid gold. It is an amazing autogulous treatment that will naturally allow your body to regenerate & rejuvenate skin health on a cellular level.

We are all going to age it is inevitable & science is constantly discovering new ways to smooth wrinkles, boost collagen production, tighten skin & refresh our complexion to a more youthful appearance. I have been in this industry watching the changes & advances in medicine & as a Registered Cosmetic Nurse the results I am seeing from PRP are very exciting in the world of skin rejuvenation.

So to break it down for you, like I normally do in my health & beauty awareness pieces... what is PRP??? You ask, Well it is Platelet Rich Plasma, arguably one of the most advanced anti-ageing treatments available on the market. The process uses your own blood to regenerate collagen production, growth factors are in a cascade of recovering & rejuvenating younger tissue production & your body is so clever & smart it tightens, refreshes, plumps, smooths & adds hydration to all three layers of your skin - subdermal, dermal & epidermal.

From the age of 35 our body loses its ability to reproduce collagen cells as we did in our youthful days, collagen breaks down, loss of elastin in our skin, laxity & life factors such as smoking, sun damage, stress & trauma, hormonal changes all exacerbate the ageing process. This is where PRP will stimulate your own stem cells & growth factors to the selected area of treatment to rejuvenate & regenerate new tissue, kick starting the blood vessels to repair & provide enhanced nutrients to the dermis.

PRP works without creating trauma to the skin, the plasma initiates the healing process to generate & boost collagen production. Your own stem cells, growth factors & platelet rich plasma will do the work.

When I inject PRP under the skin it stimulates fibroblasts at a dermal layer, over 5-6 weeks this will increase collagen production & new elastin cells will be formed. The results are quite commonly evident in my client's at this time interval, as the cells need to replace themselves with new younger one's. PRP triggers a intricate cascade of recovery, it triggers a precise repair of damaged melanocytes (the little buggers responsible for pigment) tightens fine lines, wrinkles & lax skin; making it so popular in the following area's of treatment.

Eye's: a common problem a lot of my client's are concerned with is the wrinkle/crepiness/puffiness/ dark circles, around the sensitive & often difficult to treat orbital region (around your eye's). Historically speaking this has always been a difficult area to rejuvenate, vit A often causes irritation & laser is unsafe too close to the eye region. So amazing PRP can be treated so so close to the eye & is completely safe, giving wonderful results.

Neck & Décolletage: This other common area of concern my client's present to me with is neck & décolletage laxity, this area goes untreated for years, the face is always at the forefront of treatment, then suddenly we have aged & clients feel they have forgotten or neglected to treat the neck & décolletage. Fear not, PRP is the golden standard in treating these forgotten area's & will rejuvenate & turn back the clock giving your neck as youthful looking firmness as your face.

Other popular area's I treat are: Full Face, Hair regrowth, Hands, elbows, Knee's, Tummy loose skin (Mummy Tummy), stretch Marks, Scars. The options are endless.

Micro-needlingDermal FillerI like to often use a combination of therapies & this will be determined when I have a facial consult with my clients, combining Collagen Induction Therapy such a gives beautiful results also. Especially in my clients with hyper pigmentation concerns. I also combine Injections (Hyaluronic Acid) in my treatment plan & studies have indicated that HA injections/ Dermal fillers give an extra boost in hydration & textural smoothness to the area treated. I also love the results of our PRP treatments combined with advanced laser technology such as the Picoway Resolve; through photo acoustic technology, sublative laser & RF laser & Co2 laser (please read our article on Co2 advanced laser Core Treatments). Combining these treatments enables the skin to have wonderful results.

The amazing thing with PRP is you can not over do it, a common fear client's have with dermal fillers, looking over done (rest assured, in my aesthetic opinion, I will teach you restraint if I feel you are going to far) however with PRP the most common treatment plan is an initial round of 3-4 treatment's 4-6 weeks apart, then 1 booster every 12 months. If you really need to heal & rejuvenate extra loose/lax skin, for example in my sun loving clients, re-treatment every 6 months is recommended. Remember this is turning back the clock & staying commitment to your treatment program will give you the best results.

To find out more on what is involved & pre & after care head on over to the PRP link on my LUX SKIN HEALTH Page.

Hope you enjoyed this piece,

Kellee Thomson