Enzyme's.... the catalyst in skin health

ENZYME'S... why your skin loves them

So many clients have been texting me recently asking what is a nice non invasive treatment they can have that is going to rehydrate the skin & give it a bit of a glow or boost prior to a special occasion. A lot of our clients know how good their skin feels after an enzyme peel, but do you know why....

So today I've written this little piece to break down what enzyme's are ,why your skin loves them & why they act as a catalyst for your skin health!! My approach towards educating my clients is always "knowledge is power", I love to explain to my client all the ingredients that are in the peel & why each of them works the way they do. Science is my passion, and I get so excited at the advances of dermatology treatments & especially how many amazing treatments are available to really give you great skin health.

Firstly enzymes are organic substances that sustain life; proteins that acts as catalysts, accelerators & are chemical reactions continually going on throughout our bodies.

Some reactions respond fast; such as the enzymes responsible for breaking down protein or fat molecules into smaller one's during the process of digestion. However the enzyme action in your skin is not quite as fast as those in your digestive system. In saying that I feel that they work at an impressive rate considering the surface area they have to encompass. You my friend have 19 000 000 skin cells per square inch covering 20 square feet of skin across your body, Yes skin being the largest organ. Enzymes from natural sources such as fruits come together is a cascade of frantic reaction to revitalise your skin & return a youthful glow & feel to your selected area of treatment.

Most enzymes end in 'ase' with the first part of the name referring to the substance upon which the enzyme acts or type of reaction caused. Protease is an enzyme that breaks down protein. Lipase is an enzyme that acts on fats (lipids).

Enzyme's are also exfoliants, such as bromelian derived from pineapples, these beauties gently digest keratin protein on the skin's surface, turning over dead, dry & dull skin cells) thereby accelerating the skin's rate of exfoliation, production of new cells & results in glowing, vibrant skin by revealing the new younger looking skin. The beauty of beautiful enzyme peels is that they are safe for the majority of skin types. They are gentle on the skin.

Studies & science will back up that enzyme peels remarkably improve the skin's smoothness, texture & depth & number of wrinkles & epidermal & dermal plumpness & integrity.

Certain enzyme peels can detoxify all the impurities & draw them out of your skin like a magnet allowing your own lymphatic system to fight these free radicals. Often with these type of peels I feel a pulsating sensation throughout my skin which is the lymphatic vessels circulating fresh oxygenated blood to the tissue.

Superoxide dismutase is an enzyme that naturally occurs in the body, however it gradually depletes with age. It is a powerful rich antioxidant that guards the body from free radicals. When this ingredient is used in our enzyme peels you will feel a tightening feeling, the enzymes are working to firm, smooth & tighten the dermis & facial muscles.

So in a nutshell the advantages of enzyme peels all reside in the science. They will accelerate the process of skin renewal in a chemical reaction that is imperative to bring forth younger plumper, newer cells. The peel will penetrate deep into the dermis, soften the skin & nourish. And whats more is the downtime is next to none, most of our clients head straight back to work, or go on with normal daily planned activities.

Talking to your therapist about enzyme peels & which one is best for you is key in your beauty skin goals. Our therapist's will explain to you the main active ingredients & why it is best for your skin. We always ensure that a facial & skin analysis has been performed to get you on the best skin care plan. A combination of micro needling PRP, microdermbrasions, the right selection of cosmeceuticals & chemical peels is a great way to boost your skin health.

Enjoy your next enzyme facial ladies & gents.



Registered Cosmetic Nurse