Summer Glowing Skin

As Summer is heating up a lot of my clients have been asking me how can they achieve glowing skin??

A few key tips I find helpful to achieve a radiant glow.

Exfoliate Exfoliating is key in turning over your skin cells and to achieve a healthy glow. In summer we often ramp up the application of SPF, whilst this is amazing in protecting our skin from UV trauma, our skin often needs to have a gentle exfoliation morning & night. Removing the dead skin cells & the build up of product is key in exposing the new skin cells resulting in a radiant natural glow.

Stay Hydrated In Summer season its easy to get dehydrated, did you know by the time you feel "thirst" its too late. Your body needs to be replenished before the desire of thirst kicks in. Aim to drink 4-5L of H2O per day. This will also allow your complexion to have a glow. Dehydrated skin appears more dry & wrinkles are more evident. Make up will always look more beautiful on well a hydrated canvas.

Vit C Pump up the vitamins. Commence per oral ascorbic acid to give your skin that extra glow & boost. Vit C assists in skin tissue repair resulting in increased collagen production & gives your skin integrity a wonderful boost. Add this to your daily routine & take in morning for an extra skin glow.

Sun Protection The more exposure to the sun, the more you are going to increase your pigment in your face & body. Purchase a medical grade SPF or Cosmeceutical that is going to give your face & body moisture as well as UV protection. Wear hats as much as you can & form a habit of reapplying your suncream, even if you feel you are indoors majority of the time, just driving the car & walking outside for small amounts of time is enough to expose your skin to UV rays. You would be quite surprised how often your face is in the sun.

Enjoy your summer lovelies