The Perfect Pout

Aesthetically appealing lips made with dermal filler

Designer lips are becoming a more increasingly growing trend. Dermal filler is a beautiful way to achieve a natural looking pout & for some a more volumising large luscious looking lip volume. Aesthetically appealing research suggests that the ratio of 1/3: 2/3 ratio is most attractive in women. When you have a consultation with me, I will discuss with you your desires & needs to achieve the pout you are after.

Things that I take into consideration as a Cosmetic Nurse are

Vermillion Border, does it need more definition? This is lovely way to add a shine that will reflect of the lip border & give your lips a great amount of definition. As we age we lose the structure & our vermillion border weakens, a common concern of my 40 plus clients is their lip stick bleeding. With dermal filler, we give you the definition back again allowing your lips to take shape & your lipstick goes on like a dream once again.

Age: With age I find showing restraint is key. Your face will need to be examined & reviewed to see if you can aesthetically pull off the volume you are requesting. Young beauties do request ml upon ml upon ml to build a Kardashian look lip. This is of course achievable, however does take time & commitment of retreating the lip every 3 months until the desired volume is achieved. If you are 40 plus and would like more volume, however would not like a fake looking lip, this is easily achievable with a thin-medium thickness filler.

Perioral Rhytides: AKA smokers lines, as we age we lose bone density & our skeletal structure actually changes, moves & reabsorbs. Part of the changes are your mandible, the bone structure that will effect the look of your lip volume & how your mouth appears. When we age the mandible recess' back, giving the lip area extra skin & loss of collagen will increase the look of peri oral rhytdies. Cosmetic Nurse Kellee will fill these lines with dermal filler to soften the appearance of these lines. Quite commonly my clients will comment that they feel these lines make them look cranky. once these lines are softened & smoothed out, it gives a more youthful looking lip region.

Sad Mouth: The corners of the mouth that are down tired are referred to as your peri oral commissure region. Upon review I will examine if this area is down turning. Quite commonly related to the depressor muscle in your face called the depressor angular oris muscle which pulls down the corners of the mouth. I can relax this muscle with an anti wrinkle injection & fill the deficit area of volume loss around the lip with dermal filler, giving the corners of the mouth a "lift" which essentially appears more youthful & stops the "sad face" resting B*&ch face look. Keep in mind that this is sometimes not an age factor, but a muscle issue, a lot of young people have strong depressor muscle at corners of the mouth, its a simple easy treatment to relax that muscle lifting your smile.

Volume Selection: There are different thickness of dermal filler to achieve different volume. The thinner the product the quicker your body will metabolise the product. Answering your question "is it permanent?" know dermal filler is broken down by your bodies ow natural metabolism. For a thin product generally lasts 3-6mths, medium thickness 6-9mths and thick volume 9-12mths. Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring sugar in your body, this is the key ingredient in our dermal filler range. The additional ingredient is a local anaesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable for you.

If you have any more questions, or would like a consultation. Please contact me Registered Cosmetic Nurse Kellee LUX SKIN HEALTH for an Aesthetic opinion.