Chocolate the power antioxidant

Chocolate the Super charged delight

My clients mostly know I'm passionate about your skincare treatments, but I am also pro internal health. What we consume contributes to a major impact of keeping our complexion as radiant as can be.

There are great health benefits to eating dark chocolate. It does wonders for your mood, wellbeing & skin health. Provided you choose a sugar free version.

Studies indicate that the antioxidant punched super food cocoa improves your circulatory system. Elevates your mood, keeping spirits up & decreases cholesterol levels. The wonderfully indulgent treat also gives the skin a radiant glow.

Most of us consider chocolate a indulgent diet destroying treat & rarely consider its health benefits. Cocoa is the longest recognised super food. Its antioxidants boost brain function & also assist in gut health. Its a wonderful source of magnesium which reduces nervous tension. Super Cocoa increases blood flow in the circulatory system, improving brain function, concentration & clarity.

When you though that that was enough reasons to indulge in the delicious treat, it also contains a significant amount of polypherias... "whats that you ask", well this ingredient will help with blood pressure, heart health. Punched with Flavonoids this is where the skin bonus comes to play. Flavonoids are an antioxidant that will help protect your skin from UV damage & block pigment production.

So no longer do you have to feel guilty for having this little delight in moderation.

Kellee Thomson

Cosmetic Nurse