Bride Ready

LUX SKIN Bridal Skin Beauty Plan

Every bride desires to be glowing & radiant on their wedding day. Whilst you are busy planning the catering, location, the dress & photographer - we can guide you to achieve flawless skin on your special day. At LUX Skin Clinic we have a range of treatments to suit every bride, groom, bridal party & mother of the bride.

All our bridal treatment plans commence with a consultation with our Make-up Artist, Beauty Therapist/ dermal therapist & our medically trained Cosmetic Nurse Kellee. They are all passionate about beauty, skin, health & will guide you on a treatment plan & show you how to reach your skin goals prior to your wedding day.

Each bride is different & may require a tailored plan, however here is a guide our Cosmetic Nurse Kellee recommends

“Our vision for you is to enhance, rejuvenate & prepare your skin for your special day”. Cosmetic Nurse Kellee Thomson

Relax those dynamic muscle’s with anti wrinkle injections, this will give your skin a smooth, flawless look & allows your make up to sit beautifully. Anti wrinkle injections relax the muscle, so frowning & smile lines are softened to give you a more youthful appearance. Dermal fillers are perfect for enhancing features, such as cheek definition & lip enhancement. Not all brides need this treatment & it all depends on your aesthetic structure, our Cosmetic Nurse will guide you on how to approach this.

Our Cosmetic Nurse is passionate about health & the internal benefits to your skin through diet & lifestyle choices, we recommend you commence per oral ascorbic acid to allow the collagen to be boosted, this will enhance your skin, hair & nails... giving it an extra glow for your big day. Our Cosmetic Nurse can also take a look at your diet & intrinsic factors of your lifestyle to guide on the right path to improve health to compliment your skin prior to your big day. Vit B injections are also available to give your immune a boost, relax those nerves & increase your energy supply.

We recommend you start a cosmeceutical skin care range & our dermal therapist will get you started on the perfect products for your skin condition & needs.

For luminous complexion we also recommend a series of Collagen Induction Therapy, followed by microdermabrasion & Enzyme Peels, IPL for hair free skin.

If you are really after great skin rejuvenation results & we highly recommend the PRP skin rejuvenation program. Ideally you should commence 12 or 6mths prior to your big day. PRP turns back the clock on ageing & gives wonderful results to tighten fine lines, wrinkles, increase collagen reproduction & give you a glowing looking skin.

Book in a consult with our Cosmetic Nurse Specialist who can Tailor a personal skin & aesthetic injectables plan for you leading up to your big day.

Here is a guide to planning 12mths ahead, each client may require different plan depending on their personal skin & aesthetic needs.

Anti Wrinkle Treatment Guide should be 13mths prior, 9mth, 5mths then 1mth prior. This all depends on how your body metabolises the product. some client’s experience longer lasting results. This is why having a treatment of anti wrinkle 13mths or 9mths prior you can see how your body retains the product & our Cosmetic Nurse can monitor your results. Anti wrinkle injections take 1-2weeks to take effect, so don’t stress if you have left it to last few months to have some skin treatments done, we will be able to help!!

Dermal Filler Treatment Plan will be discussed at your first consultation with our Cosmetic Nurse, wether you plan 12mths prior or 6mths prior we will tailor it to suit you individual skin condition & aesthetic needs. Every face is unique & our cosmetic team is passionate about achieving the best results for your skin & facial needs. We will also discuss neck & décolletage treatments idea’s... an area commonly forgotten in treatment plans.

We will always recommend to give your body time for downtime post dermal fillers, as sometimes you have a risk of bruising associated. Lip enhancement, cheek definition, depending on your age & volume loss, you may require filler in other area’s of your face to give you a more youthful appearance.

8mth Prior

Anti wrinkle Injection’s

Microderm (always wait 2 weeks after your anti wrinkle for laser, CIT/micro needling & skin resurfacing treatments) 48hours for waxing & enzyme peels.

Enzyme Peel; course of Vit A peels will do your skin wonders. A series of 4 peels spaced 4 weeks apart is ideal.

If your budget will allow for it, our high end treatment for skin rejuvenation involves PRP. Our nurse will guide you on the timing & treatment plan for a course of 3 PRP sessions prior to your big day.

5 Months prior Anti Wrinkle Injections, start thinking about dermal fillers for lips /cheeks / marionette’s, peri oral lines, lifting smile, softening naso labial fold heaviness, chin enhancement, jaw line structure.

4 Months

Look at commencing Collagen Induction Therapy/ Microneedling. Ideally a course of 4-6 treatments 4 weeks apart will give you the best results. This will be recommended in conjunction with a cosmeceutical range suitable for your skin condition.

Microderm (always wait 2 weeks after your anti wrinkle for laser, CIT/micro needling & skin resurfacing treatments & 48hours for waxing & enzyme peels after antiwrinkle injections.

Enzyme Peel; our therapist will recommend which peel is idea for this stage of your skin treatment plan.

4-1 Months

Dermal Fillers, if you have not had treatment earlier in the stage of your bridal skin treatment plan, discuss these treatments now. (allow for healing time/bruising & swelling).

1 Week

Prior to the wedding day we recommend an enzyme peel to give you glowing with no downtime involved. This is the week you increase your h20 intake, pump up the antioxidants in your dietary intake & double your Vit C from 1000mg to 2000mg to help boost your immune & give your skin that extra hydrating boost it will need for flawless looking skin.

Our therapist will recommend a take home hydrating mask to put on the night before your big day.