5 ways to ramp up your endorphins.... feel good beautiful

5 Ways to ramp up your endorphins

We all love that feeling of an overwhelming high, the natural ecstasy when you boost your endorphins. Essentially endorphins are the hormones that are responsible for this amazing feeling. Your brain naturally produces & secretes neurotransmitters that activate peptides which open up your body’s opiate receptors. And the good news is, you don’t need mediation or drugs to stimulate this response. I often have this rush when I am running intensely or after a spin bike class with high intensity, this feeling is often referred to as the “runners high”, my brain is naturally secreting a feel good hormone. There are other ways you can coheres your body into making this sexy little endorphins to make you feel “naturally amazing”.

  1. Laugh & release joy Laughing releases & stimulates endorphins that elevate pain tolerance. Research suggests that the long series & bursts of true laughter, you know that belly hurting laughter, accompanies a series of exhalations that cause abdominal muscles to trigger an endorphin release. Laughter really is a great medicine & I believe its an under rated natural remedy. Take time to gather your friends & have a belly laugh, take your husband out to a comedy night, lighten your mood by reading or listing to some comedy pod casts. My drive to Newcastle & back adds up to 2 hours to my day often, quite often I will tune into some hilarious pod casts & it starts my day off amazingly! Shifts your mindset to joy.

2. Put your earphones on Music, releases the elevated mood hormones. Neurologists have studied patients under MRI & observed the spike & release of endorphins when listening to music they enjoy. Dopamine is also linked to the response in rewarding human activity and reinforcement & motivation, noticed how you can shift your whole mood through music. Take the time to allow pleasure & put your music on. There are also some beautiful new ear phones around (my fav is rose gold at the moment). Through the busy everyday demands of life we forget to stop sometimes, for me music is a great way to take out 5-10 minutes of my day to feel great.

3. Spice it up Spicy food is punched with high levels of capsaicin, this is the substance that is responsible for burning sensation in spicy cuisine. This ingredient starts the cascade of release of endorphins & acts like a pain receptor blocking agent also. Chilli peppers I actually love. Grow your own, they are so easy & add them to your meals for a mood boost! I also have some amazing recipes on my Lifestyle page. Love spicy food!

4. Sex Of course this comes as no shock here, sex makes you feel amazing & floods your body with a cocktail of the love hormone oxytocin. Right before you orgasm, oxytocin will surge from your brain alongside more endorphins that will furthermore allow you to feel amaze! Why wouldn't you make time for this in your life. You feel great, your partner feels great. I'm sure you would agree when the sex life is good, everything else at home just runs so smoothly. It really is powerful how this part of your relationship makes life so much better!!

5. Raw Cacao My favourite food.... no guilt required here. If you have not already read some of my raw cocoa recipes & blogs on why chocolate is an amazing super food, I repeat here why.... it contains amazing mood boosting phenethylamine, an organic compound that kick starts an endorphin stimulation & releases a cascade of another hormone theobromine, this little guy suppresses pain so you ultimately feel more pleasure & this is why cocoa makes us feel so happy.

Hope you enjoyed this piece,

Kellee Thomson

Registered Nurse


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