Advanced Technology in Skin Tightening

The latest in Non Surgical Blepharoplasty & wrinkle reduction

What is Plasmedic Fibroblast?

Plasmedic is an innovative treatment offering Non Surgical Blepharoplasty and wrinkle reduction using our state of art Plasmedic Fibroblast device

The device creates a voltage between the device and the dermis, resulting in a small millimetre size carbon spot where the excess skin has been evaporated. At Lux Skin Health we only use the most advanced technology & have selected a machine that is made in Europe & parts are made in Italy. Ensuring that you receive the safest & cutting edge technology is important to our patients. 

Using a revolutionary reduction grid method and the formation of new collagen & elastin the skin becomes tighter, lifted and wrinkles are evidently smoothed out & reduced.

What is Plasma Fibroblast?

Different to the plasma naturally in our body which is our PRP Plasma Blood Treatment

This plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter, while the others are solid, liquid & gas. Unlike these states of matter plasma does not naturally exist on the earth under normal surface conditions & can only be artificially generated form neutral gases.

To simplify the Plasma Fibroblast explanation, Plasma Fibroblast is generated by adding energy to a gas creating a plasma flash. 

Area's that we commonly Treat; 

- Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty (Eyelids)

- Forehead

- Frown Lines

- Crows Feet

- Nasal Folds (Naso labial Lines)

- Marionette Lines (Smile lines)

- Chin (Mental Crease)

- Jowls (Lower face lift)

- Cheeks

- Neck & décolletage

- Pigment

- Skin Tags

- Abdomen Laxity

Do I need a Consultation?

Yes, at Lux Skin Health we only perform this treatment post a detailed medical history, medical review, aesthetic history, facial assessment & explantation of the whole treatment process. The before care, the treatment expectations & length of treatment & the post care. Then we will have a follow up at the 12 week mark when you are showing full results post treatment.

Does the Treatment hurt?

As our staff are all medically trained we always use the highest grade of safe topical local anaesthetic, we will have you arrive to clinic prior to your treatment to allow for a comfortable treatment with local anaesthetic. 

How long will it take to see results?

Results can usually be seen immediately. Results are most noticeable once the downtime has settled, the scabs have fallen off & area is healing. The collagen continues to reproduce up to 12 weeks post procedure. Results are reported to last 3-5years depending on how compliant you are with aftercare, lifestyle factors and intrinsic elements of taking care of your health, after all skin is your largest organ. so we love to guide our clients in inner health rituals to keep your collagen bright & vibrant through diet and lifestyle. 

How many treatments will I need?

One treatment is often enough, however the severity of your eyelids or deep static wrinkles may warrant a repeat session at the 3 month mark. Our medical team, will discuss this with you upon consultation & set realistic expectations for you. Quite commonly the eyelid will lift 3-4mm each treatment, so if the laxity is severe, we will repeat session at 12weeks. 

Are there any after affects?

Plasmedic Fibroblast Treatment is extremely safe. A full medical consult is performed and if there are any contra indications we will not go ahead with treatment. Some patients may have allergic reactions to local anaesthetic, we will consult to determine if this is a risk for you. Following full aftercare instructions is imperative to prevent risk of infection & leaving wound scabs in tact & not picking them off will lower risk of scarring. swelling is to be expected post procedure, redness, tingling as a histamine response occurs when your body is in a state of creating new collagen & elastin is to be expected also. 

Immediately post procedure

The treatment area will be red & mildly swollen. Swelling can last up to 72hours post procedure. The small carbon dots will dry to from into small crusts (scabs). These crusts must not be picked off or scratched as this will adversely cause scarring to the area. Once the crusts have fallen off it is imperative that you use the Plasmedic Healing Gel/ which has a camouflage makeup included. 

Contra Indications / Patients unable to have treatment

- Pregnant / Breast Feeding 

- Pacemaker

- Herpes / Active Herpes Simplex virus (cold sores) 

- Metal Implants in the area of treatment

- Diabetes Type 1

- Infectious Disease

- Epliepsy

- History of Keloid Scarring

- Eczema or psoriasis active in the desired area of treatment 

- Active Vitiligo 

- Fitszpatrick Type 4 & 5 (risk of hyperpigmentation) 

After Care

Our Guide to aftercare is given to you verbally in clinic & also in written format, it is imperative that this is followed to prevent post procedure complications. You will be given in clinic all the pre care & aftercare products required for wound healing & ultimate results.

You must avoid sun exposure for 12weeks post procedure. It is essential that you wear a medical grade SPF and using 21% zinc oxide in your sun protection gives you an additional protection.