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Welcome to our Skin Health Clinic

We specialise in


Cosmetic Injectables


Advanced Skin Treatments


Health & Wellbeing Coaching


Love your Face you wear it forever.

Nurture your body, its with you for life.

Honour your mind 

Face + Body+ Soul + Spirit

We hold a holistic approach to your skin, Health & wellness. There are many factors that will affect the ageing process & the health of your skin. Our mantra is to give you the knowledge, education, tools, professional advice  & scientific treatments proven to slow down the Ageing Process. 


Allow us to take you on a journey,

To a new & refreshed you.

Your skin + face + body + mind + soul will collectively thank you for giving back what

LUX SKIN Health Collective offers you.



The Latest


Aesthetically appealing lips made with dermal filler

Designer lips are becoming a more increasingly growing trend. Dermal filler is a beautiful way to achieve a natural looking pout & for some a more volumising large luscious looking lip vol...


How to Collagen Boost your lifestyle

Intrinsic Factors of your lifestyle will make an impact to your skin health. Clients often tell me they want healthy skin & a glow.

How do you achieve this? Well it works on a cellular level. From what you...


PRP is what we are labelling like liquid gold. It is an amazing autogulous treatment that will naturally allow your body to regenerate & rejuvenate skin health on a cellular level. 

We are all going to age it is inevitable & science is const...


As christmas holidays are approaching, it's time to take the opportunity to start planning your travels. Stat yourself a pinterest Wanderlust spirit board & start dreaming, planning. You say... I am too busy.. I am too broke?? Honestly, jus...


 Hyaluronic ACID... WHAT IS IT... WHY WE LOVE IT

Tried & try and stands the test of time and seriously good for your skin. First off,, don't let the word "acid" alarm you, HA isn't a harsh or skin stripping in the slightest. 


Chocolate the Super charged delight

My clients mostly know I'm passionate about your skincare treatments, but I am also pro internal health. What we consume contributes to a major impact of keeping our complexion as radiant as can be.

There a...


Thoughts for today; I am a firm believer of giving back to yourself. Take time to be a free spit, take a ride on your bike, go for a swim in the ocean. Just take 1 hour out of your busy schedule & be free. Breathe in the fresh air, take you...


Be free to be your own kind of unique & if you love the fashion, own it. Honestly I have to say just be you & that is what will make you feel happy. So often we try & chase trends & be like everyone else. I find it so refreshing just wearin...

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Meet Kellee Thomson
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