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Welcome to our Skin Health Clinic

We specialise in


Cosmetic Injectables


Advanced Skin Treatments


Health & Wellbeing Coaching


Love your Face you wear it forever.

Nurture your body, its with you for life.

Honour your mind 

Face + Body+ Soul + Spirit

We hold a holistic approach to your skin, Health & wellness. There are many factors that will affect the ageing process & the health of your skin. Our mantra is to give you the knowledge, education, tools, professional advice  & scientific treatments proven to slow down the Ageing Process. 


Allow us to take you on a journey,

To a new & refreshed you.

Your skin + face + body + mind + soul will collectively thank you for giving back what

LUX SKIN Health Collective offers you.



The Latest


Be free to be your own kind of unique & if you love the fashion, own it. Honestly I have to say just be you & that is what will make you feel happy. So often we try & chase trends & be like everyone else. I find it so refreshing just wearin...


Coffee... the I need it & is it really good for you??

Coffee... ahh the great debate of its benefits vs its down falls exposed. 

Lets take a look at some of its key benefits .. It is actually loaded with antioxidants & science has proven some...


As all my clients know, I am very particular in sun care protection regime. It is imperative after a lot of our health & beauty treatments that you protect your skin, however. It should just be a good habit for you to get yourself into. Phy...


LUX SKIN Bridal Skin Beauty Plan

Every bride desires to be glowing & radiant on their wedding day. Whilst you are busy planning the catering, location, the dress & photographer - we can guide you to achieve flawless skin on your special day....

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Meet Kellee Thomson
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