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Welcome to our Skin Health Clinic

We specialise in


Cosmetic Injectables


Advanced Skin Treatments


Health & Wellbeing Coaching


Love your Face you wear it forever.

Nurture your body, its with you for life.

Honour your mind 

Face + Body+ Soul + Spirit

We hold a holistic approach to your skin, Health & wellness. There are many factors that will affect the ageing process & the health of your skin. Our mantra is to give you the knowledge, education, tools, professional advice  & scientific treatments proven to slow down the Ageing Process. 


Allow us to take you on a journey,

To a new & refreshed you.

Your skin + face + body + mind + soul will collectively thank you for giving back what

LUX SKIN Health Collective offers you.



The Latest

Mood Boosting Foods 

WOULD  you love to really boost your mood naturally. I often hear in clinic clients desiring a natural way to lift moods. I talk a lot about gut health, meditation, mindfulness and mindset to elevate moods. Today we are...


Morning Rituals 

Give your body & digestive system a welcoming wake up call with a calming warm lemon water each morning. When you rise & shine, get into a beautiful habit of warm lemon, to wake the senses, sharpen the mind & get the bo...


A new season is a perfect new time to start looking at the way you are nourishing your body.

Detoxifying your skin through liver support, not only cleanses your internal organs of toxins, but also enables your skin health to have the boost i...


Wellness is a lifestyle, health is a journey & being mindful is easier than it may seem.

So many clients that I coach find themselves struggling with being mindful & if I could inspire you to make it part of your way of life, I would stress...

How to get that Summer Glow

by Di Grover for Empire Artistries

We are now far too educated to lather our skin in oil and deep fry ourselves in the sun to

achieve that golden summer glow. To avoid looking like the leathery old lady from the


Bro -Tox, the growing trend. I am often asked about Male Treatments & how many men I treat, the answer is over the past 6 months my male patient clientele has exploded, more & more increasingly I have been reviewing male faces & giving men...

So how does Internal Health affect my Skin & complexion you ask? Quite simply, most ailments in our body can be linked back to gut health. Problematic skin conditions that are not responding to treatments, can often be addressed with an imp...


5 Ways to ramp up your endorphins 

We all love that feeling of an overwhelming high, the natural ecstasy when you boost your endorphins. Essentially endorphins are the hormones that are responsible for this amazing feeling. Your brain natura...


ENZYME'S... why your skin loves them

So many clients have been texting me recently asking what is a nice non invasive treatment they can have that is going to rehydrate the skin & give it a bit of a glow or boost prior to a special occasion....


As Summer is heating up a lot of my clients have been asking me how can they achieve glowing skin??

A few key tips I find helpful to achieve a radiant glow. 

Exfoliate Exfoliating is key in turning over your skin cells and to achieve a healt...

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